Income Property, Land & Lots in Gilmer County

11 Assets in Gilmer County Selling Online Only - Some Selling Absolute! Bid Deadline: Tuesday, March 7 at 2:00 PM ET Sale Manager: Amy Martin 404-734-3606 or

11 Assets in Gilmer County Selling Online Only - Most Selling Absolute!
Bidding Opens: Friday, February 24 at 2:00 PM ET
Bid Deadline: Tuesday, March 7 at 2:00 PM ET
Sale Manager: Amy Martin 404-734-3606 or

500 & 503 Rose Petal Lane, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
Inspection: Friday, March 3 at 11:00 AM SHARP
2 Tracts on Opposite Sides of Rose Petal Lane Selling Together

  • 2,568±SF Triplex clad in vinyl siding with central heating & air and simulated hardwood floors, built in 2003.
PLEASE NOTE: Triplex is fully rented, please do not disturb the tenants.
  • 1,200±SF Single Family Home clad in vinyl siding and built in 1940.This home is currently vacant but was previously rented for $500/mo.
3.15± Total Acres, Zoned R1
The Triplex is currently fully rented at $500, $500 and $550. The tenants have been in place since 2003, 2015 & 2016 and all have excellent payment history.
Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3094 048
2016 Gilmer County Taxes Due $2,037.52

0 Cowboy Trail, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
31.35± Acres of Open & Wooded Land
Inspection: Contact sale manager for inspection
Approximately 4± acres of cleared and fenced area on sloping lot with a beautiful view from what appears to be nice level spot for a home about 300 yards up the slope from the road. The surrounding woods have trails and hardwoods. Would require well and septic. Road from 246 crossing property is not county maintained.

Zoned A1, Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3032 045C
2016 Gilmer County Taxes Due $214.00

There is an easement through this property to provide access to another property.
This property is accessed by way of an easement across 246 Cowboy Trail.

Please Note: The property is in a 10-year conservation agreement with Gilmer County established in 2008. Purchaser agrees to transfer the remainder of the conservation use covenant agreement into Purchaser’s name or pay any penalties that would be incurred by any breach of that agreement resulting from this transaction.

From the Gilmer County website:
  • If the owner breaks the Covenant a penalty of twice the taxes saved by the taxpayer will be imposed and interest at the rate of 1% per month will be assessed if not immediately reported.
  • If the Covenant is broken as a result of death or eminent domain (condemnation) no penalty will be assessed.
  • If the Covenant is broken as a result of medically demonstrable illness or foreclosure, the penalty will be the amount of taxes saved for the current year only.
  • Leases or contracts for billboard signs, cellular towers, or any type of non-qualifying use will breach the Covenant and all penalties will apply. Hunting leases are allowed.
  • If the property is sold, and if the purchaser continues using the property as it was originally covenanted then no penalty would be assessed. Purchaser must sign covenant agreeing to no change in use.
  • However, the taxpayer should be aware that if the use changes during the 10-year period all penalties would apply.

0 Conasauga Road, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
12.04± Acre Lot - Selling Absolute!
Zoned R1, The tract is divided by Shakrag Rd and is a thin rectangular shape with approx. 196‘ of frontage. There is a stream running parallel with the road (approx. 40-45’ from the roadside) across the front of the property for the width of the property.
This tract is bordered on the east by land owned by the US Forest Service (Potato Patch Mtn).

Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3031 030D
2016 Gilmer County Taxes $1,053.01
*This property has approximately 2 acres of water and is considered to be "River Property B" by the Gilmer County Tax Assessor, which means that the water does not dry up and the land value and taxes are higher.

0 Craigtown Road, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
4.34± Acre Lot - Selling Absolute!
Zoned R1, this pie-shaped lot has frontage on Craigtown Rd directly across from the entrance to Chimney Ridge Subdivision and runs to the intersection of Craigtown Rd and New Way Ln.

Please Note: The Gilmer County Tax Assessor's site shows an acre along the front belonging to someone else, but, to our understanding, this is being corrected and remapped to reflect a total acreage of 4.34±. Happy Valley Church was located across the street, and was never located on this property. The Gilmer County website will update on Thursday (2/16), however, the mapping will not be updated. If any prospective buyers have questions please contact Leigh Daniel at the Gilmer County Tax Assessor’s Office at 706-276-2742.
We are selling based on warranty deed and survey posted on our site.

Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3049 012
2016 Gilmer County Taxes $338.54

7 Lots in Chimney Ridge Subdivision - Each Selling Absolute!
Chimney Ridge Road, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
Lots 1-5, 7 & 8 (Lot 6 has been sold previously.)
Chimney Ridge Subdivision has a paved road and most utilities. Will require well and septic.

Lot 1 at Chimney Ridge Road, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
Selling Absolute!
Lot 1 - 1.51± Acre Lot, Zoned R1
Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3049C 001
2016 Gilmer County Taxes $147.62

Lot 2 at Chimney Ridge Road, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
Selling Absolute!
Lot 2 - 1.5± Acre Lot, Zoned R1
Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3049C 002
2016 Gilmer County Taxes $147.62

Lot 3 at Chimney Ridge Road, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
Selling Absolute!
Lot 3 - 1.5± Acre Lot, Zoned R1
Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3049C 003
2016 Gilmer County Taxes $147.62

Lot 4 at Chimney Ridge Road, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
Selling Absolute!
Lot 4 - 1.5± Acre Lot, Zoned R1
Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3049C 004
2016 Gilmer County Taxes $147.62

Lot 5 at Chimney Ridge Road, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
Selling Absolute!
Lot 5 - 1.6± Acre Lot, Zoned R1
Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3049C 005
2016 Gilmer County Taxes $147.62

Lot 7 at Chimney Ridge Road, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
Selling Absolute!
Lot 7 - 1.54± Acre Lot, Zoned R1
Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3049C 007
2016 Gilmer County Taxes $147.62

Lot 8 at Chimney Ridge Road, Ellijay GA 30540 (Gilmer County)
Selling Absolute!
Lot 8 - 2.19± Acre Lot, Zoned R1
Gilmer County Tax Parcel# 3049C 008
2016 Gilmer County Taxes $147.62

Terms: Bank Proof of Funds Required to Bid, 10% Buyer’s Premium added to winning bid to determine sale price, 20% Earnest Money Deposit, close by April 6, 2017. Buyer to pay all past due taxes and penalties.
Auctioneer is not responsible for bidding errors caused by internet outages, bid platform failures, or power failures.
All of the properties sell individually as "lots" however they are all tied together by the auction clock. We will set a bid deadline for all of the assets. Once we get within 5 minutes of that bid deadline, any bid placed on Any of the assets will extend All of the assets another 5 minutes. This extension will continue until no bids are placed on any of the assets in a five-minute window.
This feature is in place partially to prevent "sniping" which can occur on online auctions with a hard deadline. It recreates the action of a "Live Auction". If your opponent bids in the waning seconds of the auction, you still get another chance to bid.
With that in mind, don't wait out the bid until the last second, because the auction will remain open. Waiting it out can only put you at risk for not getting your bid in before the 5-minute clock runs out.

AMC GAL# 2503

AUCTION REGISTRATION: In order to register for the auction, you must have pre-inspected the property and must confirm that you have done your own inspection prior to registration. You must provide proof of funds from your bank showing sufficient funds to cover the required 20% earnest money down payment in order to obtain a bid number. This may be accomplished by faxing the proof of funds to 770-980-9383 or emailing to in advance of the auction. Proof of funds consists of a copy, fax, or scanned pdf of a current bank statement in bidder’s name showing sufficient funds for earnest money deposit. If you are unable to provide these in advance, please contact the auctioneer for instructions.

AUCTION INFORMATION & OFFICES: All available material and updates are posted to . Due diligence materials, Auction Purchase and Sale Agreement, Broker Registration forms, and other information may be obtained by calling 770-980-9565, or by visiting our website.

CONDUCT OF THE AUCTION: Register to bid at our website at . Online bidding will begin one week prior to the auction. The auction ends when the highest bid is recognized by the auctioneer. Bid increments and bidding methodology are subject to change at the sole discretion of auctioneer. This Auction includes a grouped Extension feature.

GROUPED EXTENSION: This auction uses the grouped extension bidding feature. All lots in this auction have been placed in an extension group. Any bid within the last five minutes of bidding for an auction lot that causes an automatic extension of bidding on that auction lot and on ALL auction lots in that group. When 5 minutes passes with no more bidding then bidding on all assets in that group will close simultaneously, with
high bidder on each asset being declared the winner.

TERMS OF SALE FOR REAL ESTATE: Winning bidders will pay an earnest money deposit of twenty (20%) of the purchase price (bid amount plus buyer’s premium). Upon conclusion of the bidding, Buyer will sign an Auction Purchase and Sale Agreement
(“PSA”), and must submit earnest money deposit in the form of a wire transfer to seller-designated escrow agent (See Auction Purchase & Sale Agreement). The earnest money deposit is non-refundable.

Closing must occur no later than Thursday, April 6, 2017 unless extended in writing by mutual consent of the parties. Buyer not closing within the contractual time period to close may forfeit his/her earnest money deposit. Buyer shall execute an Auction Purchase and Sale Agreement for the property immediately after being declared the successful bidder by auctioneer. A form Auction PSA is available at our website and at the auction site prior to the auction. The Auction PSA which Buyer must sign at the auction contains an acknowledgment that Buyer has inspected the property prior to the auction, is relying solely on his/her inspection, and is purchasing the property As Is with all faults and without reliance on any warranty of any kind whatsoever. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE TO SAID AUCTION PSA OR ANY EXHIBITS ATTACHED THERETO, AND BUYER WILL BE OBLIGATED TO EXECUTE AND DELIVER SAID AUCTION PSA ON AUCTION DAY. Provided, however, Seller reserves the right to modify or amend said Auction PSA, to complete blank sections, to attach appropriate exhibits, and to comply with state and local laws as may be enacted or amended from time to time. All payments (i.e., Earnest Money, Closing Funds) must be in the form of wire transfer only.

CLOSING: All closings are to occur at the offices of Brett Jones 706-636-5297, Seller agrees to pay prorated portion of current year taxes, any title corrective expenses and 0% of closing attorney or title company fees.
Buyer is responsible for all other expense including but not limited to closing attorney or title company fees, prorated portion of current year taxes, ALL past due taxes and owners title policy.

BUYER'S PREMIUM: Property will be sold with a Ten (10%) percent buyer's premium. The bid amount plus buyer's premium equals the final purchase price. For example: A $100,000 bid, plus the 10% ($10,000) buyer's premium, equals the $110,000 final purchase price.

FINANCING: Please note that financing is NOT a contingency of this transaction. Because financing is NOT a contingency, all potential bidders must make certain in advance that they are capable of obtaining the necessary financing to close the transaction.

PLATS/SKETCHES/DRAWINGS AND PHOTOS: Are not to be relied on. Existing legal descriptions are not guaranteed for complete accuracy. All acreage and dimensions are approximate and could be subject to change upon an actual field survey. All stakes, signs or flags indicating boundaries or location are for general location purposes only and are not to be construed as precise property corners.

AUCTION POWER OF ATTORNEY: For interested bidders who cannot attend the auction but would like to have a representative bid at the auction on their behalf, an Auction Power of Attorney can be obtained by contacting the Auction Information Office at (770) 980-9565.

TAX EXCHANGE: Sellers and Purchasers agree that certain Sellers may effectuate 1031 Tax Exchanges on certain properties sold herein. Buyers will agree to cooperate and execute necessary documents to enable Sellers to consummate said transactions.

EASEMENTS: All property sold is subject to recorded easements which include existing roads and planned roads, power line and other utility easements, ingress and egress easements, and other easements of record.

BROKER PARTICIPATION INVITED: Unless noted otherwise in property listing or herein, a broker commission of two (2%) of the Winning Bid will be paid on real estate. A commission will only be paid to the properly licensed broker whose prospect purchases and closes on the real estate. To qualify for a commission, the Broker must register by mail, email, fax or hand delivery using the Broker Registration/ Opening Bid form posted to the website for the property listing prior to bidder registration. The registration form must be signed by the prospect and the
Broker, and must be received at an office of Auction Management Corporation no later than 5:00 PM two (2) days prior to each bid deadline via fax or mail. In no case will a broker registration be accepted after a bidder has registered. If bidder bids onsite, Broker must also attend the auction and sign the Auction Real Estate Sales Contract if their client is the winning bidder. Commissions to be paid only upon closing. A Broker cannot act as a principal and a broker on the same transaction.

BUYER'S NOTE: Auctioneer reserves the right to add or delete
property from this auction or to alter the order of sale from that published herein. Auctioneer reserves the right to convert the bidding platform from an online to an onsite bidding platform if no bidders register and submit required bid deposit by the online bidding deadline. Personal on-site inspection of the property is strongly recommended. Failure to inspect property prior to auction does not relieve purchaser of contractual obligations of purchase. Property sells As Is - Where Is with no warranties expressed or implied.Real property to be conveyed by Limited Warranty Deed. and the following sale closing costs will be paid by seller: (1) Commissions or brokerage fees to auctioneer and/or cooperating Brokers as set forth in separate agreement with auctioneer, and as established in these Terms and Conditions; (2) reasonable title corrective expenses, in Seller’s sole determination; and (3) Prorated property taxes for 2017. All other closing costs, including but not limited to surveys, title examination, loan closing costs, ANY BACK TAXES DUE plus PENALTIES closing attorney fees are at the expense of the Buyer. Sale shall be closed at the offices of Seller’s Designated Closing Agent (“Closing Agent”), as noted in Auction Purchase & Sale Agreement, or as announced at the auction.

Special stipulation regarding the sale of the Cowboy Trail property: 
Purchaser agrees to transfer the remainder of the conservation use covenant agreement into Purchaser’s name or pay any penalties that would be incurred by any breach of that agreement resulting from this transaction.

Closing costs shall be paid in accordance with the Auction PSA, posted to the website.

Information was gathered from reliable sources and is believed to be correct as of the date this material is published, however, this information has not been independently verified by sellers or auctioneers. Its accuracy is not warranted in any way. There is no obligation on the part of Sellers or Auctioneer to update this information. ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE AT THE AUCTION TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ALL ADVERTISING. The sellers do not have any liabilities whatsoever for any oral or written representations, warranties or agreements relating to the property except as expressly set forth in the Auction PSA. There is no obligation on the part of the Sellers to accept any backup bids in the event the high bid falls through.